#LoveYYC Toolkit

About #LoveYYC

The #LoveYYC initiative returns in 2018 to celebrate everything that makes Calgary great. The success of this campaign has been a result of our industry coming together with overwhelming support to celebrate our city and activate Calgarians to try something new. Over the last two years, Calgarians have embraced the opportunity to experience something new and show their community spirit by supporting local businesses.

A snapshot of our collective success in 2017:

  • Over 90 partners actively participated by making one day offers
  • The #LoveYYC hashtag was used over 8,000 times throughout the campaign
  • Over 100,000 total engagements
  • 18 earned media stories generated 1.25 million impressions
  • #LoveYYC videos were viewed over 260,000 times

In 2018, this campaign has been designed to engage, educate, and activate Calgarians to try something new and support local businesses.

Participate in #LoveYYC Day

On Saturday, November 3, 2018 we want to inspire Calgarians to try something new and support local businesses. We encourage our partners to create the best possible one day offer to inspire Calgarians to try their products or experiences and fall in #LoveYYC. The success of this city wide event depends on the participation of as many local businesses as possible.

All campaign partner offers will be compiled online at www.visitcalgary.com/loveyyc. All digital, social, and news communications will be direct visitors to that page for more information.

The deadline to submit an offer for #LoveYYC Day is Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

Request red heart balloons

The red heart and heart shaped balloons have become a symbol of the #LoveYYC initiative and are actively used in the promotion of this campaign by Tourism Calgary and its partners. Make a request for your own red heart shaped balloons by filling out the online form.

Join the conversation on media

The success of #LoveYYC relies on the support of all Calgarians. The more people sharing the love online and face to face, the bigger and better #LoveYYC Day will be!

Here are some great ways to participate in #LoveYYC:

  • Create a one day offer to inspire new customers to try your products or experiences for the first time. The more partners that participate by creating offers the more successful the campaign will be. The deadline to submit an offer for #LoveYYC Day is Wednesday October 31, 2018.
  • Engage on social media by sharing #LoveYYC content and use the #LoveYYC hashtag.
  • Create your own #LoveYYC content using the downloadable assets below. Our content is open source and we encourage you to create your own content. Assets are available for download below.
  • Take a red balloon photo by submitting the online form or use the cutout download below and create your #LoveYYC assets.
  • Educate your community by encouraging members, partners, friends, and family, to participate in #LoveYYC Day.
  • Participate in #LoveYYC Day by sharing your stories and experiences with Calgarians through social media. Some of the ways you can participate include: live/semi-live streaming via Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Periscope, or Facebook Live; live Tweeting and interacting with consumers on Twitter, posting Instagram photos and Facebook posts throughout the day.
  • Social and earned media opportunities are available through Tourism Calgary. Please indicate your interest to participate in these opportunities in the online offer submission form.


1. What is the #LoveYYC campaign?

#LoveYYC is a local promotional initiative designed to boost morale amongst Calgarians and encourage Calgarians to support local businesses by trying new experiences.

2. When is #LoveYYC Day?

The campaign will encourage Calgarians to celebrate #LoveYYC Day on November 3, 2018. On #LoveYYC Day, we will be encouraging Calgarians to explore the city and support local businesses by trying new and exciting experiences. We are hoping to have as many local businesses and organizations in the city as possible make one-day only partner offers to help encourage participation amongst Calgarians.

3. Are there any costs to participate in #LoveYYC?

There are no costs to be a part of the #LoveYYC campaign. Your organization can determine the details of your offer and level of participation in the campaign. All brand assets for #LoveYYC will be available free of charge and available for you to use.

4. How can I promote #LoveYYC to my customers?

Your organization can promote #LoveYYC through social media, signage, email communications, word of mouth, or adding campaign information to your website. Be creative and spread the love with your community.

5. How can I create a partner offer to be included as part of #LoveYYC?

Submit your offer using the online submission form by Wednesday October 31, 2018. Please note, the online submission form is the only method to submit an offer for #LoveYYC Day.

Required information to submit an offer online:

  • Name of business
  • Offer description
  • How to redeem
  • Link to offer
  • Contact name
  • Contact email
  • Contact phone
  • Offer category

#LoveYYC Assets and More Information

All Tourism Calgary partners are encouraged to use any of the following assets to create their own #LoveYYC content, including images, videos, web pages, and social promotions.

Graphic Assets

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